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a few examples of our quality chrome work
"Exotic and Classic Cars are our specialty"

Here are a few of our services:

In house repair and replate for Die Cast Pot Metal
Chrome Plating on most metals
Boat and Yacht Plating
Motorcycle Plating
Aircraft Plating
Antique and Classic Car Plating
Bumper Sections - Repair and Plating
Antique's - Toys - Household Items Plating
Bathroom Fixture Plating
We Polish Aluminum - Copper - Nickel - Brass - Stainless Steel

All work guarranteed for 1 year!

Custom Cast & Chroming is not just another plating shop. We restore your 
pot metal as close to original as possible. If you have pitted pot metal pieces that need 
restoration  and  chrome plating,  our exclusive process is exactly what you have been 
looking for. Whether from a car driven daily on the streets or a national show car, your 
pot metal pieces can be restored beautifully to the level of perfection that you desire.
Custom Cast & Chroming
offers an exclusive process for restoring pitted POT METAL
Most plating shops try to grind out the pits resulting in flat spots and loss of contour and 
shape of the piece. OUR process FILLS IN THE PITS retaining the original shape and 
beauty, as well as preventing the formation of new pits.
1. Stripping away of all old plating.
2. Sandblasting.
3. Our EXCLUSIVE PROCESS for filling in the pits, while still maintaining the 
    true shape and contour of the piece. This includes a series of fillings and hand 
    sandings until pits are eliminated.
4. Plating in COPPER for 4 to 6 hours
5. Another series of hand sandings and polishing to a lustrous mirror finish.
6. A series of cleanings.
7. Heavy plating of very bright NICKEL.
8. CHROME plating.
9. Final polishing.
PRICING: Since our charges for restoration are based on the number of hours required to fill 
and sand the pits, orders must be shipped to our shop so that we can examine each piece and its
condition and thus determine an accurate cost. Owners will receive a written estimate and have
 the opportunity to accept or decline.
SHIPPING: Please remove all Weather-stripping, Dirt, Grease and Paint before sending to us.
We also require all pieces to be disassembled. Remove all mirrors. Light bezels require that you
send us the lens.
You need not worry about your valuable pieces while they are being processed in our shop. Upon
receipt of an order, each individual piece is marked with a tag identifying the order and owner to 
which it belongs. All pieces from an order will remain together through the entire restoration and
Our work is guaranteed not to crack or peel in normal use for 1 year.
Custom Cast & Chroming Custom Cast & Chroming Custom Cast & Chroming